The Haunted Prison 1291

It’s the month of Halloween and you decided to play truth or dare with your friends. After losing, you have been dared to have a sleepover in an unoccupied manor down the street.

Once entered, the door behind you slammed shut. While prepping for a sleepover, your vision started to slowly go black and passed out instantaneously. Upon waking up, you realized you have been separated in prison cages.

45 minutes is what you have left before dawn rises. Will you be able to escape this prison in time or will you be cursed to live here for eternity.

Vlad's Castle - The Bloody Escape

You found yourself stuck in an abandoned castle with a brood of blood-thirsty undead army after you. 45 minutes is all you have to maintain your humanity or you'll become one of them. Still think that vampires are fictional? You'll soon find out...

Shangri-La : Dream or Reality?

When you got home, you noticed a cupcake on the table. You took a bite without hesitation, and you passed out instantly. The cupcake turns out to be a magical cupcake.

When you awoke, you found yourself in some sort of magical realm where everything is mystically unreal. You decided to venture this place, but as time passed, you realised you had become S-MA-LLER. After all the fun, you realise that if you don't find your way out of this magical maze, you'll be trapped in for the rest of your life.

Art thieves - The art of stealing

You decided to go to an Art Museum where it holds collections of priceless paintings until you stumbled upon this stunning priceless painting. In fact, you as a former professional art thief, you have experience in stealing many priceless paintings.

Starring at it for minutes, you know you have one goal tonight and that is to steal this priceless painting. Successfully    stealing it could make you a million dollars in one night.

Murder Mystery - The locker room scene

You and your crew are an experienced detectives and are being assigned to solve a serial murder scene that took place in this locker room. While investigating, the serial killer that you’re trying to find has trapped you in. He’s testing you finest detectives your basic knowledge to see if you’re smart enough to escape the room.

Should you be able to solve his domain, he will give himself in BUT failing to do so will make you his next victim.

Amazon Forest - raiders of the lost fortune

Word that the Poseidon Pirate were on the hunt of a mythical fortune that will make them the biggest pirate of the seven seas. Along with your crew of the Kraken will need to get to it before them to stop them in their tracks! But all you were left was a map that led you to a forest you'll soon to discover that was very much alive. Will you and your crew make it out? Or does fortune favors the very jungle waiting to consume you with every deadly creatures lurking at every corner...